Sunday, September 30, 2012

The GOOD news is...Plant-Tonic

Hard to believe it's my first blog?  Believe it!  So to begin, a few fun facts, not many people know that I am a sock person.  I love cute socks, hence my profile pic!  I'll try to update that pic from time to time, just to keep you readers "on your toes"!

Why start blogging now?  Because I'm tired of all the baaaad news in the world.  Gloom and Doom, conspiracy, war, control freaks, and on and on.  YUCK!  Time for me to add my 2 cents of sunshine to the world!

Time for GOOD NEWS!  Nay-sayers need not comment, if arguing is your pass time, move along!

Day one, September 30, 2012.

This is going to start out a little on the generic side, but go into more detail as I go along.  You know how the news spews that doom and gloom about genetically modified food, herbicides killing off bird species (true) and so on?  Well get up and do a happy dance!  I have a solution to some of these modern day, human-made problems, like how about getting more nutrition out of your home grown produce?  Come on, I see you frowning and saying, "what?  how can you get more NUTRITION out of home grown produce?"  Oooo, nutrition.  Real nutrients do not come out of pill bottles.  REAL nutrients come from FOOD.  Yes, food, vitamins come from food.  What a concept!

But WHY would we want more NUTRITION out of our food?  Aren't we getting nutrition from our food at the grocery store now?  Yes, but not as much as we could be, and not as much as we used to get!  Huh?  How can we be getting LESS nutrition from our food now?  Aren't we far more technologically advanced now, and we DO have genetically modified food to help us grow more food with less pestilence and less loss due to adverse weather, right?  Yes!  We do!  But did that enhance the nutrient factor in our food?


So how do we get more nutrition from our food?  Check this out:

Ever notice how tomatoes grown in the store never really look as red as tomatoes that you grow in your own garden?  Did you ever notice that store-bought tomatoes don't TASTE as good?  They are kind of...blah.  And do you suffer from heartburn, or the acid in tomatoes, and you just refuse to eat them because they bother you?  I know how to fix that.  But more on that later.

Ever hear the phrase, Garbage In = Garbage Out?  Or how about, you get as much worth out of something as you put into it.  The same holds true for....FOOD!  Are you sitting there saying, "huh", come back tomorrow for more!  I'll dig a little deeper into this and explain that whole tomato thing too!